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So one question.

Why are people more sympathetic to Jews than they are to Muslims? I mean yes I’m not cruel or anything, I know that the holocaust was horrible. But think about what Americans and even other Muslims are doing to us.

I mean shit like the Jews didn’t asked to be burned alive or killed, tortured, etc. And the Muslims aren’t asking for that either.

But everywhere I go I suffer from cruel looks and smirks and sometimes odd questions from nonmuslims. Like just yesterday I was called a terrorist and a few months ago someone told me to go back to my own country. And like everywhere all over the internet everyone is supporting what the Jews are doing to the Muslims in Israel. Like the stuff they are doing to the Muslims that are trying to get their country back are being criticized because everyone thinks they are crazy and insane and immoral.

Like Muslims are very intelligent. We are almost always peaceful unless you find a way to tick us off.

Like Islam is the most peaceful religion. The only blood that’s been spilled has been over the pain fact that no one wanted to accept Islam and that they think that Islam is evil.

Islam is wonderful.
It’s saved me from so many things.
I could really be dead if it weren’t for Islam.

But anyway I just wanted ask that and stuff

P.S: This is only my opinion please don’t hurry me ;; I’m American just like most of you ilu ;u;



how to be an adult

im sad this was so short because he was about to go so hard

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